Distribution Chain Inspection Department

The Distribution Chain Inspection Department is charged with these functions:

  • The department serves as an ‘’eye’’ of the Board to the general public as it is the department responsible for the inspection of Retail Pharmacies, Drugstores, Patents and Cosmetic outlets, and report to the Board.
  • To ensure that pharmacies, drugstores, patents and cosmetics outlets practice and maintain Good Storage and Distribution Practices of pharmaceuticals as prescribed by the Board.
  • Formulation of polices relating to the Good Storage and Distribution Practices
  • Regular Inspection exercises of all pharmaceutical and cosmetics shops
  • Conduct suitability assessments of all pharmaceuticals outlets
  • Coordinate with other departments in the Board in the registration of Pharmaceutical Outlets
  • Collection of license fees
  • Outreach activities
  • Conduct regular raids against drug peddlers
  • Conduct closures of unlicensed and unregistered/illegal premises
Contact the department through this email: