Drug Evaluation & Registration Department
This  department consists of three Units:
1. Pre-marketing Authorization
2. Marketing Authorization

3. Post-marketing Authorization


  • Assisting the Registrar in the registration process of all pharmaceutical products in the Sierra Leone Market 
  • Ensuring that products of doubtful origin and quality are sent to the Quality Control Laboratory for analysis 
  • Control the promotion and advertisement of pharmaceutical products to the public and health providers. 
  • Make recommendations to the Drug and Quality Assurance Committee through the Registrar on ways of improving the activities and efficiency of the registration department.
  • Submission of quarterly and annual reports to Registrar
  • Provision of appraisal of staff to address issues pertaining to the department
  • Compilation of annual gazette for professionals and premises
  • Assist in inspection of pharmaceutical outlets to identify products that are registered or unregistered
  • Dossier Evaluation
  • Sample/ Advert Evaluation 
  • Supervision of the activities of various units within the department