Drug Evaluation & Registration Department
This  department consists of three Units:
  1. Pre-Market Evaluation   
  2. Marketing Authorisation  
  3. Post-Market Evaluation 

The Registration Department is charged with the following functions

  • Receipt and processing of applications for product registration.
  • Submission of product samples to the Quality Control Lab for Quality Analysis.
  • Receipt of quality control results for product samples sent to the quality Control Lab
  • Evaluation of dossiers for product registration.
  • Receipt and processing of applications for Product Advertisement.
  • Issuance of Market Authorisation (Certificate) for products approved for marketing in Sierra Leone. 
  • Rejection of applications for products that do not comply with Board’s requirement for product registration. 
  • Compile a list of registered and pending products. 
  • Compile a list of pharmaceutical companies that have paid group fees and those that are yet to pay.  
Contact the department through this email: registration@pharmacyboard.gov.sl