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There are two units in this department
1. Import Control
a. Queen Elizabeth the II b. Lungi Entry Port
2. Pharmaceutical Outlet
a. Factory b. Wholesale


  • Good Manufacturing Practice Inspection of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant 
  • To ensure Import/Wholesale outlet comply with good storage and distribution practice
  • Preparation of Import Permits 
  • Preparation of Clearance Permits 
  • Preparation of export permits
  • Post Market Surveillance Activity (Truscan Inspection) 
  • Inspection of Imported Containers, Packages, and Cartoons at Ports of Entry
  • Quarantine Exercises 
  • Collection of Samples to Head Office after organoleptic Inspection
  • Investigative Inspection 
  • Sending Products to the NPQC Lab for Quality Analysis 
  • Destruction of expired, deteriorated, counterfeit pharmaceuticals retrieved from the market 
  • Sample Return to Pertinent Importers