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The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has on the 6th October, 2015 trained pharmacy professionals on good storage and distribution practices for pharmaceutical products. The training took place at the Head office of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone New England Ville, Freetown. 
Speaking during the training session, the Registrar of Pharmacy Board, Pharm. Wiltshire Johnson stated that the objective of the training is to sensitize pharmacy professionals on good storage and distribution practices for pharmaceutical products adding that all pharmaceutical products must be stored under the appropriate condition to avoid product degeneration. 

Pharm. Shuwary H. A. Barlatt, head of the Factory Inspectorate and Import Control Department of the Pharmacy Board while making a presentation on good storage and distribution practices highlighted the needs to maintain good storage and distribution practices for medical products at all times.  He noted that medicinal products should normally be stored apart from other goods and under the conditions specified by the manufacturer in order to avoid any deterioration by light, moisture or temperature adding that temperature should be monitored and recorded periodically. Pharm. Barlatt reiterated that the level of quality of medicinal products should be maintained throughout the distribution network so that authorized medicinal products are distributed to retail pharmacists and other persons entitled to sell medicinal products to the general public without any alteration of their properties.
The Registrar, Pharm. Wiltshire Johnson noted that only the professionals working in the premises can guaranty that medicines are stored under the appropriate conditions reiterating that it is their sole responsibility to ensure that no medical or pharmaceutical products are inappropriately stored. 
Pharm. Johnson went on to emphasize that pharmacy professionals must put mechanisms in place to unsure that whoever is acting on their behalf does it according to standard operating procedures in the supply of pharmaceutical products adding that pharmacists should put on standard operating procedures and practices in their storage systems. 
The Registrar encouraged the professionals to use prescriptions when supplying pharmaceutical products to the general public as this he added is a standard operating procedure in the pharmaceutical industry. He went on to emphasis that they should only supply medicines and other pharmaceutical products to licensed retailers and not drug peddlers and unauthorized medical practitioners. 
He reiterated that the Board will continue to monitor and enforce all rules and regulations governing the practice and operation of the pharmacy profession in the country noting that any professional found wanting will face the full wrath of the law. He added that the Board has made the enabling environment for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to enjoy their profession in the country. He disclosed that the Board is currently working on draft procedures that they should follow to order, clear, sell, store and distribute medicines and other pharmaceutical products in Sierra Leone.  He warned that wholesalers and distributors should not have medicines shops but rather offices where retailers will order their pharmaceutical products adding that medicines shops are meant for the retail sector.  
He ended his statement by calling on all pharmacy professionals to take full responsibility of the profession and to make sure that they are fully aware of the operations of the premises they signed for by ensuring that they know the products that are sold and distributed in the premises.        
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